Foundation for Women's Health Research and Development (FORWARD)

The United Kingdom

​The Foundation for Women's Health Research and Development (FORWARD) is a UK based organization committed to safeguarding the rights of girls and women in Africa. Women in these region face atrocities from female genital mutilation (FGM) to gender based violence (GBV). Since its founding in 1983, FORWARD has used modern research and analysis to solve the systemic issues of sexism in many communities.

FORWARD’s vision is to create a world where women and girls can live the lives they choose. They engage all community members, from prominent village leaders to common housewives, to propose feasible solutions. We fully agree with FORWARDS’s comprehensive approach to tackling the issue, and understand that only such an approach can address the problem long-term. We’re proud to support FORWARD through the Norwa Fund and jewelry they can sell for extra funds.

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