Pratthanadee Foundation Thailand

Pratthanadee is an award-winning Thai and US registered charity, established in 2000 to empower women. The organization currently offers intimate guidance to over 3,000 socioeconomically-disadvantaged women and girls living in rural Bangkok and Udon Ratchathani, equipping them with skills vital for succeeding in our modernised world. Pratthanadee offers a welcoming community, 25 comprehensive English lessons, and 30 hours of career and personal development training, all of which help set the foundations for success. Over nine months of weekly training, the program guides women who were previously trapped, dependent, and hopeless to take charge of their own future.

At Norwa, we strongly believe in Pratthanadee’s capability to effect change for these underprivileged women, and have partnered with them to ensure that change becomes a reality. In addition to providing media and financial support, we teach jewelry-making to offer these women an alternative income source, as well as jewelry-selection, so these women can feel more confident of themselves.

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