Terre Des Femmes

Terre Des Femmes (TDF)

Berlin, Germany

​Founded in 1981, Terre Des Femmes (TDF) is a German non-profit women’s rights organization  committed to ensuring that girls and women can live their lives as they choose, protected by equal and inalienable rights regarding all aspects of life. Through education, advocacy, campaigning, lobbying, and international networking, TDF’s has raised public awareness of pertinent women’s rights issues. 

TDF deals with five focus areas: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), honor crimes, domestic violence, women trafficking, and virginity myths. They’ve hosted annual film festivals (“FrauenWelten” or Women’s Worlds), and the “flag campaign”, a nationwide initiative for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Based in Berlin, TDF maintains a nation-wide support network including 3,500 members, patrons, and groups. We believe in TDF’s mission and capability to raise awareness in the western world – where issues of women’s rights abuse seem too often forgotten – to motivate others to take action. We at Norwa Jewelry are proud supporters of TDF through the Norwa Fund.

To support TDF, please visit https://www.frauenrechte.de/