The Karen Hilltribes Trust


​​​Founded in 1999, The Karen Hilltribes Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to working with the Karen people of Northern Thailand to help them build a better future for themselves.

The Karen Hilltribes Trust is a community led organization working with the Karen in Mae Hong Son, Thailand’s poorest province. Through the help of the organization, communities design, build, and maintain projects that invest in their future. The Karen Hilltribes Trust has since helped improve the livelihoods of the Karen on three fronts: Health, through implementation of clean water systems and latrines; Work, through installments of irrigation systems; and Education, by providing school buses, meals, and scholarships.

We share the Trusts’ mission to help the Karen people become self-sustaining. We’ve engaged with the Trust as a partner in the Norwa Fund, and provided custom-designed jewelry for them to raise funds.

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