This collection, Resilience, hopes to make you feel confident knowing that we have the opportunity to not only meet this challenge, but to come out of it stronger, and more compassionate. Every design is innovatively and timelessly adaptable for every occasion.

Norwa is deeply committed to caring for people, now and always. This moment in history has made it clear that we must enhance our efforts to fully create the kind of community and world culture where everyone feels they belong, feel safe, have a voice, and are actively engaged in good causes.

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Made through the combination of traditional craft and delicate classical designs, our Classic pieces are masterly made for those who seek timeless jewelry and great affinity.

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Norwa Collectives

In the celebration of Norwa’s several successful initiatives in Thailand and international markets over the past three years, Norwa Collectives offer pieces that are chosen to reflect different stages in our lives, the diversity of our people, and our lifestyle.

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Contemporary Chain

Contemporary Chain pieces are the sources of transmission of creative energy from the artisan to the wearer. These pieces are inspired by the imagination of artisans who combine their inherited knowledge with modern world experiences.

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Inspired by the coming and going of things, Norwa’s
Perpetual Collection, highlights the significance of being timeless. Perpetual jewelry is designed to be simple yet classy with collective forms of nature and objects together with top-tier crystals, making them perfect pieces for lifestyles of women who wish to express themselves freely and confidently on any occasions under their own skin.

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Classic Heritage

Our artisans are proud to present this classic yet distinctive and meaningful collection, using techniques passed down from their ancestors and Norwa community partners while preserving the rich heritage of hill tribes in Thailand.

Over the years, we have stayed true to our love for sustainable future of the community and its traditions, and we hope you will do too.

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The Naka, which stands for a national checkpoint in Indian, is where Mai was born. She was a victim of sex trafficking, the illegal trafficking of humans for sexual exploitation.

Because women trafficked for exploitation in the sex trade rarely have an opportunity for their voices to be heard, the Naka Collection is dedicated to educating the world through Norwa’s developed powerful audios of the first-hand experiences of three survivors of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

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Faith collection is made with the belief that ‘Together, we can make a difference”.  Having faith that everyone can start over, Norwa provides the female inmates in Thailand with comprehensive training, allowing these women to showcase their creative designs on a larger scale and paving the roads to new lives.

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Discovering our new meaning to signature classic collection, Primo collection presents the beauty in everyday moments in every season, empowering a spirit of sustainability and continuity. We aim to make Primo pieces timeless anywhere.

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Touch of Nature

Inspired by nature, Touch of Nature collection was launched as the iconic collection that represents the legendary craftsmanship of hill tribe artisans. From generations to the next, these craftsmen pass down their great affinity with nature and lives through their designs that associate with things around them.

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Inspired by Mai and her friends, a group of young passionate designers work with the women in the North of Thailand to create a collection that support causes to end sex trafficking and sexual violence.

Mai Collection was born with the belief that when women and girls can live free from the threat of sexual violence, they can live healthier lives.

The profits from this collection is devoted to advancing women’s and girls’ rights and freedom around the world through selected partners and communities.

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